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Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement

If you ask any Tailwheel Endorsed pilot what completing the endorsement is like, it is likely they will compare it to undertaking an advanced driving course. Not only does a Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement allow you to step back in time and experience an array of vintage aircraft, but it will also improve your rudder and aircraft handling skills.

Course Prerequisites

To commence training for a Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement, as a minimum the pilot must hold a PPL.

Course Structure

The Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement typically takes five dual flying hours, along with associated briefings. Flying is completed in the 8KCAB (Decathlon). Flying lessons include teaching students skills for upper air flight and the technique to complete normal, short-field and crosswind take off and landings. After mastering the techniques of aircraft handling, you may also wish to broaden your horizons by undertaking instruction for aerobatics.

Student Intakes

Students can commence a Tailwheel Undercarriage Endorsement at anytime throughout the year.

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