An Aeroplane Flight Review (AFR) is a biennial check of a pilot’s skill and depth of knowledge and is required under Australia’s civil aviation regulations.

The AFR is not a flight test. Its purpose is to confirm that pilots have maintained a standard which allows them to safely exercise the privileges of their licence.

If you’re feeling a bit “rusty”, then it’s a good idea to undertake refresher training before your AFR comes up. The review itself includes a questionnaire, a pre-flight briefing and a flight. You can use the AFR as an opportunity to upgrade your qualifications and gain an endorsement on another aircraft type.

A flight review is valid for 24 months, until the end of the same month in which it was completed.

Flight reviews in Perth

The Royal Aero Club of WA offers members a free Quarterly Flight Review Seminar, presented by one of our Grade 1 Instructors.

This seminar is for members who book the flight component of their AFR with the Club. If you’re not a member, you are still welcome to attend this seminar for a $100 fee.

The flight review questionnaire will be completed during the seminar and is valid for three months. The Members’ Lounge Bar will open after the seminar to catch up with old mates and make new friends in aviation.

Speak to one of our friendly instructors when you are approaching your next AFR.

For more information, call our friendly operations team at Jandakot Airport, Perth, on (08) 9417 0000, and speak to one of our knowledgeable flight instructors.