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Tarmac Topics – Jan/Feb

Tarmac Topics

Read about the latest news from Jandakot and Murrayfield, welcome new members and employees, hear about the latest Club events and celebrate Club Achievers all in the latest edition of Tarmac Topics.

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Awesome aerobatics flight

I had a booking for the aerobatics flight. My pilot was Broxon Brookfield. I just wanted to say what an awesome experience I had. Thank you Broxon. Will definitely do this again.

Dianne Finning

Congratulations to Royal Aero Club of WA for 90 Years in operation

I celebrated my 90th birthday in October 2019 enjoying a flight in a vintage Tiger Moth. 70 years AFTER my first solo flight prior to transferring to observer training in the Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.

My Pilot Tim Berryman strapped me in prior to takeoff. We climbed to 1200 feet flew over the Swan River, checking the Yacht Clubs prior to a scenic flight along Adelaide Terrace, then to Swanborne down the coast to Woodmans Point, climbed to 5000 ft prior to aerobatics loop, roll and stall. Bought back fond memories.

Then back to Jandakot where my family were waiting to take me to a celebration lunch.  A most enjoyable experience.


Jack Suriano

90th Anniversary Celebrations Formation Flight

Awesome effort everyone awesome!

Stefanie Brown

Fantastic Day! 90th Anniversary Celebrations August 24 2019

Fantastic day, fantastic people, a privilege and pleasure to be a member. Looking forward to the centenary.

Martin Graville

Congratulations on your 90th Anniversary August 24 2019

What an absolutely wonderful organisation to be associated with. Roll on 100!

Gary Evans

Happy 90 Year Anniversary RACWA!

Last weekend the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia celebrated its 90 Year Anniversary with a Formation Over the Aero Club at Jandakot Airport in the numbers “90” A total of 16 Aircraft participated in the flight, which was amazing to see. I didn’t even realise that this was happening until I saw 16 aircraft all powering down Runway 06L. The aircraft are listed below (VH-) -RWY -IBP -BFV -BFT -UWC -JBX -RWF -TNO -ZDR -DOG -BOF -EWC -EEP -TQO -PJS -VPK.

Caleb Hotz

90th Anniversary Celebrations August 24 2019

Thanks so much to everyone at Royal Aero Club of WA. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and glad to be part of the clubs history, was a well presented and organised day of fun and enjoyment. Even had a go around to add a bit more flying time to an already great flight down the coast. 

Andrew J White

50th Birthday Trial Flight

Robert Wynne here. I had a trial flight today at 11am with Jet Slater. I just wanted to take the time out to formally thank Jet for a truly wonderful experience. He was a great instructor and made my 50th birthday very memorable.
Please pass on my thanks and this message to Jet.

“The Royal Aero Club of WA is absolutely fantastic!”

I had been a member of the Royal Aero Club since 2015 when I did my RPL training. Nowadays I fly the Club’s Sling light sport aircraft on a regular basis, taking friends and family on joyflights. From my RPL training, to doing recreational flying, I have always found the staff of the Royal Aero Club to be very professional, friendly and accommodating. Even on very short notice they would bend over backwards to make an aircraft available for a flight.

If you are dreaming of becoming a pilot or looking for an aero club to join, I can strongly recommend the Royal Aero Club. They helped me making my dream come true and with a huge fleet and affordable hire rates, I can keep living that dream!  Some of my happiest experiences in life had been in aircraft of the Royal Aero Club.

Sarel Breet – Club Member

Sarel Breet

A quick note to thank you again for the introductory flight and aerobatics today, it was a very enjoyable experience, made even better by your friendly professionalism. You are an excellent instructor Carlos. I run training for organisations across Australia, NZ, Asia and the UK, so please take my word for it.

My son Josh’s Xmas gift  of the flight was certainly one of the most memorable I have received. It was a perfect flying day too, so we were blessed.

I found the initial barrel roll a wee bit uncomfortable because I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but after the first loop it was ok. It’s conditioning, like anything else I guess, except at 3,500 feet of course. Loved the stall turns!

I have friends in aviation, in NZ mainly, and because of today’s flight I have a fresh appreciation for pilots and their skills.

Congratulations on living your dream. I have spent a lot of time with ‘high achievers’ in my 30 year career as a professional speaker, and many should pop up with you for a dose of career clarity and a reality check i.e. here’s a guy doing what he loves for a living.

Thank you again for a fantastic flight, and when I am ready to get a RPL, I will give you that call.

Trial Flight

I was very happy with the instructions provided to me during my Trial Flight. They were simple and easy to follow. The aircraft was amazing. It was VH-RWQ, very tiny but comfortable. It was the best 30min of my life so far (best 30min of 17years). THE best experience that one could ever have. It gives you a vision of what flying in a real world (as a job) would be like.

Hanisha Panchal

Learn to Fly Seminar

The information provided to us during the Seminar covered everything I wanted to know about becoming a Commercial Pilot – it was very helpful and easy to understand.

Hanisha Panchal

Trail Flight

My Instructor, Andrew was truly brilliant. A lovely guy. Everything about the experience was excellent!

Peter Cornish

Learn to Fly Seminar

The information in the Seminar was provided in an easy to understand manner, and I can’t wait to start lessons!

Peter Cornish

Trial Flight

I didn’t realize how easy it was to fly a light aircraft (Cessna 152)! Its’ simple to learn and control an airplane, great for newbies to the aviation world. Just wanted to say thank you, as it was my first time in a legit flight, as I am always using simulations so this will be a never forgotten experience. Plus the flight instructor, Carlos was friendly and really nice.

Sebastian Saunders

Learn to Fly Seminar

The information I was shown and talked about in the Learn to Fly Seminar was probably the best you guys could’ve done for me. I never realized how easy it is to get my Commercial Licence.

Sebastian Saunders

Club Member Craig Challen Thai Cave Rescue Talk

Thanks for organising the Craig Challen talk last Wednesday evening (October 10, 2018). My wife and I found it very interesting.

Dallas Presser
RACWA Member

2018 Young Eagles Programme

The Young Eagles experience was just incredible. All the opportunities like the 737 and the ATC. Just great. My most favorite parts of the programme were the Scenic Flight and sitting in the cockpit of a 737. Priceless.

Joe Stephens
2018 Young Eagle Participant

Flight Review Seminar

The Club presented a brilliant and excellent presentation for their free Flight Review Seminar. Refreshers are the safe way of flying.

RACWA Member

Flight Review Seminar

This was a great initiative conducted by the Club. The information reviewed was very useful, and was presented by a very professional and knowledgeable Instructor!

RACWA Member

Flight Review Seminar

The Flight Review Seminar I attended was a great refresher, well explained and well presented. PLUS it was free!

RACWA Member

Flight Review Seminar

The free Flight Review Seminar I recently attended should be a regular event, the numbers that attended on the day, speak for themselves. There was a good, experienced Instructor presenting the Seminar, which made the reviewed information easy to absorb.

RACWA Member

Flight Review Seminar

The free Flight Review Seminar was very well presented and we were all greeted with a warm reception. The Instructor running the Seminar was very informative and the information reviewed very useful.

RACWA Member

Young Eagles 2018

Thank you for running the Young Eagles 2018 Course, my son Ryllie has really enjoyed the whole experience.

Warren Mack
RACWA Member

Flight Review Seminar

I found the Flight Review Seminar, conducted free to Club Members, was very useful & informative, with the Instructor being polite, positive and very effective with  insightful delivery. It was a valuable session which demonstrated Club values and fellowship. Well done – Keep this type of activity going!

Kim McDougall

Tarmac Topics Monthly Club Magazine

The presentation of TT is excellent. Love it.

Sue Eldridge

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