Jandakot Airport

41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot, Western Australia9417 0000

Murrayfield Airport

Murray Field, Nambeelup, Western Australia9581 6222

Royal Aero Club of Western Australia

The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia is one of Australia’s largest flying training organisations with over 30 aircraft and qualified Flight Instructors. From humble beginnings in 1929, the organisation has grown to become one of Australia’s most experienced and highly respected training schools. Royal Aero Club graduates can be found in all areas of aviation, including Qantas, Virgin Blue, Cathay Pacific, Skywest, Skippers Aviation and the Royal Australian Air Force.

Over its long history, the Royal Aero Club has built a reputation for excellence because of its professional approach to flying; a reputation that is maintained in all its activities. Further we are committed to ensuring graduates are not only professional pilots, but are employable pilots. We do not compromise on safety with training and produce students with skills and knowledge above the Civil Aviation Safety Authority requirements. It is our aim to produce the safest pilots available to the International Aviation Industry.

The Club was established by Australian aviation pioneers and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It has trained many pilots since its inception and was a major training centre for Australian military pilots during WWII. Many Club graduates have made historic contributions to general, commercial and military aviation. Indeed, Club graduates are to be found in regional, national and international airlines throughout the world!

The Club has made and continues to make major contributions to the maintenance of high standards of professionalism and safety in pilot training. Proudly celebrating 90 years in aviation in 2019, the Club has also been a place where members and people associated with flying can meet, discuss and enjoy the camaraderie and spirit of aviation.

Whether you are beginning your aviation journey or require advanced cockpit flight training, the Royal Aero Club has a solution to help you. You can learn to fly with us in Perth, at Jandakot Airport and also within the southwest, at Murrayfield Airport, Mandurah (a short 45min drive on the Forrest Highway from Bunbury).

Royal Aero Club of WA Events

A quick note to thank you again for the introductory flight and aerobatics today, it was a very enjoyable experience, made even better by your friendly professionalism. You are an excellent instructor Carlos. I run training for organisations across Australia, NZ, Asia and the UK, so please take my word for it.

My son Josh’s Xmas gift  of the flight was certainly one of the most memorable I have received. It was a perfect flying day too, so we were blessed.

I found the initial barrel roll a wee bit uncomfortable because I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but after the first loop it was ok. It’s conditioning, like anything else I guess, except at 3,500 feet of course. Loved the stall turns!

I have friends in aviation, in NZ mainly, and because of today’s flight I have a fresh appreciation for pilots and their skills.

Congratulations on living your dream. I have spent a lot of time with ‘high achievers’ in my 30 year career as a professional speaker, and many should pop up with you for a dose of career clarity and a reality check i.e. here’s a guy doing what he loves for a living.

Thank you again for a fantastic flight, and when I am ready to get a RPL, I will give you that call.

Trial Flight

I was very happy with the instructions provided to me during my Trial Flight. They were simple and easy to follow. The aircraft was amazing. It was VH-RWQ, very tiny but comfortable. It was the best 30min of my life so far (best 30min of 17years). THE best experience that one could ever have. It gives you a vision of what flying in a real world (as a job) would be like.

Hanisha Panchal

Learn to Fly Seminar

The information provided to us during the Seminar covered everything I wanted to know about becoming a Commercial Pilot – it was very helpful and easy to understand.

Hanisha Panchal

Trail Flight

My Instructor, Andrew was truly brilliant. A lovely guy. Everything about the experience was excellent!

Peter Cornish

Learn to Fly Seminar

The information in the Seminar was provided in an easy to understand manner, and I can’t wait to start lessons!

Peter Cornish

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