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Night Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Rating

Give yourself more flexibility with a Night Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Rating. The purpose of the Night VFR Rating is to allow pilots to operate safely at night.

The intention of the rating is to enable pilots to continue daylight flight and arrive at a suitably equipped airport after dark. Whilst it is legal to do so, it is not recommended to be used for departure late at night to an area free of extensive ground lighting. A Command Instrument Rating is recommended for flights in or to remote areas.

Night VFR Rating
Course Prerequisites

To commence training for a Night VFR Rating, a pilot must:

  • Hold a current Private Pilot Licence (PPL);
  • Be at a good PPL standard; and
  • Be current on aircraft type and know the aircraft systems (typically the Cessna 172).

Speak to a member of our friendly Operations Team for more information.

Course Structure

The Night VFR is divided into three areas: Instrument Flying, Circuit Training and Navigation Training.

Training is completed in the Cessna 172 and consists of 15 flying hours in total for the average student. 13 of these hours are dual flying exercises and the remaining two hours are solo night circuits.

Student Intakes

Students can commence a Night VFR Rating at anytime. However, suitable weather is required for night flights to ensure adequate separation. It is recommended this be taken into account when deciding on commencing training.

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