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Formation Flying Endorsement

Many pilots conduct a Formation Endorsement as a way to refine their flying skills. In essence, Formation Flying is precision flying. During a formation flight  you will position yourself relative to the other aircraft vertically, longitudinally and laterally.

Formations can be completed in all types of aircraft: from a Cessna 152 or Tiger Moth to a Twin Engine Partenavia, the options are endless!

Course Prerequisites

To commence training for a Formation Endorsement, as a minimum the pilot must hold a Recreational pilot Licence (RPL)

Course Structure

The initial Formation Endorsement is completed in the Cessna 152 Aerobat. The training course typically runs over 7 dual flying hours and is completed with other formation flyers (either endorsed or students).

Throughout the endorsement you will learn positions such as the Echelon, Line Astern, Line Abreast as well as changing stations and pairs take-off and landings.

You will also learn the importance of pre-flight briefings in formation flying.

Student Intakes

Students can commence a Formation Endorsement at anytime throughout the year.

Speak to a member of our friendly Operations Team for more information.

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