City and Beaches Flights USB Resource

City and Beaches flights can sometime take a lot of getting use to-

Certain Radio calls and clearances are essential when entering a controlled airspace.

You can either constantly pester an instructor for the correct procedure or hire an aircraft every weekend for the next couple months until you get it right-

Or, like the most skilled pilot’s amongst us, learn from seeing- and learn from another pilot’s perspective.

That’s why Mike Burbidge has put together a USB resource for city and beaches flights.

Avialable for 15$ at the club cashier-
The USB includes:
– 4 Powerpoint presentations
– 4 Word documents with all standard radio calls (for all Jandakot runways)
and as an added bonus
– The Cuppa at Murrayfield video and powerpoint.

Get on to this limited time only offer- with the popularity of these flights and the excessive margin for error, they won’t stick around for long.