Our Ferrari Is on Its Way! Royal Aero Club’s P Mentor (VH-TMG)

As I write this week’s article, I must admit- I’m a little bit excited, RACWA’s P Mentor is on its way!

So why the reference to Ferrari?

It’s red like a Ferrari.

It has the same number of seats as a Ferrari.

It doesn’t have the same top speed as a Ferrari (296 GTB 300 km/h vs P Mentor 217 km/h)

You can however, drive it much faster than a Ferrari (296 GTB 110km/h vs P Mentor 217 km/h)

It has a better climb performance than a Ferrari (296 GTB 0 ft/min vs P Mentor 650 ft/min)

It has a better glide performance than a Ferrari (296 GTB vertical vs P Mentor estimated 10:1)

The Ferrari 296 is hybrid so its fuel efficiency is slightly better than the P Mentor (296 GTB 6.4 l/100 km vs P Mentor 6.9 ;l/100km) although this is better than most family vehicles.

They are both cost about the same at just north of $600,000 Australian Dollars.

I could not afford to buy either a Ferrari or a P Mentor

It would be difficult If even possible to hire then drive a Ferrari, a check ride (you will require constant speed/variable pitch endorsement) then phone calls to RACWA will allow you to hire a P Mentor.

Ferraris cannot go over rough terrain or water, P Mentors can go wherever you want them to go as long as there is a landing strip at the end.

So, is our P Mentor better than a Ferrari, looks like it very well might be.

So, when you do hire VH-TMG, as with all our fleet, please treat it like a Ferrari and not your standard “hire car”, be careful, look after it and very importantly- please help to keep it clean, tidy and presentable.

As I finish writing this, a quick visit to https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/vh-tmg#35fb399c, and I note that Jarod and Sura have departed Broken Hill, left hand turn after take-off and departing off the downwind leg, good sign- hopefully no headwinds today.


Smooth landings,

John Snare
Safety Manager