A Tribute to GenAv

The GenAV- or general aviation for short- Flight Management System was rolled out at RACWA in early 2006 to replace the infamous white board for bookings.

New technology and a new direction- member’s were asked to be proactive and embrace all changes while RACWA took a more dynamic direction in terms of making bookings.

Fast forward to 2014- we’re at the verge of another update to how we more efficiently book fleet, and instructors; and now more efficiently manage reports and paperwork.

With the introduction of SmartClass we expect an improvement in response time and significant changes to the day-to-day operations of flight-training and aircraft hire.

In terms of how this will immediately affect members; please be advised internet bookings are no longer accepted. On next visit to the club we can provide you with a new user name and log on to assist in accessing the revised system.

Operations would also kindly appreciate your patience while we all get up to speed on using the new system- Thank you.