CASA PPL CyberExam and PEXO

As of the 19th of September CASA intends to update the current CyberExam software for PPLs. As a result of this upgrade the system will be unavailable from the 19th of September until the 23rd; with intentions for it to go live on the 24th.

You might have heard the new software being referred to as PEXO. PEXO does not change the exams pilots need to pass, nor does it change the syllabus or aeronautical knowledge required; it is merely faster, and a more convenient software. PEXO removes current limitations CyberExam has with Windows XP and Internet Explorer version 6.

It is important for pilots to note the last date for any CyberExam will be 18/09/2013, there will be no exams available for the period 19/09/2013 to 23/09/2013 inclusive.

Exams will recommence under PEXO from 24/09/2013.

We’ll see this change as a positive improvement to the current procedure as CASA makes the transition towards the Part 61 rules and a three-year fixed window to a three-year rolling window; and finally with the implementation of part 61 on 4 Decemeber 2013, the window for all candidates will immediately become two-year rolling.

To learn more about PEXO see the CASA website