YMUL Competition; Club members Vs. Students Vs. Instructors

Update: 2nd October

What a gallant effort by all teams involved!
The final positions were Members  in 4th place, student team ‘team broke’ in 3rd, instructors 2nd & student team ‘A team’ 1st

With WAAC class A13 taking out the championship and being crowned the 2013 General Managers Perpetual Trophy recipients

Read more about the day and the winners here

We all know what gets a plane off the ground but what is more important when it comes to keeping a plane in the sky?

The wisdom of experience, of having done it your whole life and being comfortable with your acquired knowledge of being there before; with the willingness to stand up to the familiar face of adversity and shake his hand


The enthusiastic nature of youth; of being eager to try something new; the flutter of inexperience and trusting in nothing but your fresh, fallow instincts

Saturday the 21st of September will see us test these two concepts against each other, with club members competing directly against students and their instructors.

You’re playing for bragging rights. You’re playing for your pride. You’re competing for something bigger than yourself; this is the age old perplexity, age verses beauty, wisdom verses youth. This isn’t something you’ll want to miss out on!

Come and stand up for your team this Saturday; they won’t be able to hold them off without you!

Be down at Murrayfield for a 3pm start; the afternoon competition will lead straight into the Murrayfield Moon; another competition not to be missed

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