Lancaster Commemorative Flight

The Aviation Heritage Museum located at Bullcreek, is home to a plethora of aviation memorabilia that is not only for aviation nuts, such as ourselves, but a reminder to every one of the spirit of those that went before us in conquering the skies. It’s displays are many and varied that represent the mechanical wonders of a bygone era leading up to the birth of modern aviation in both war and peacetime.

Among the many aircraft exhibits , which include a Spitfire, DC3, Machii and lots more(including an ex-RAF Tornado), there stands the majestic LancasterBomber NX622.This aircraft was manufactured in 1945 and was too late to see active service, but eventually sold to the French and operated as a Maritime Surveillance aircraft. In December 1962 it was acquired in Perth and was displayed in front of Perth Airport for many years before eventually moved to its current location at Bullcreek.

To mark its arrival in December RACWA have always carried out the Commemoration flight at this time of the year, so with the kind permission ofIan Craig and Trent Norris the Royal Aero Club of WA was granted permission to hold a briefing (carried out by Tim and Mick) under this magnificently restored (to static) displayed aircraft with the added bonus for the dedicated 16 members that attended, being allowed to spend time viewing all of the exhibits.

Thanks must go to Tim Berryman for coming down in his free time and carrying out the pilots brief for the Commemoration Flight and for Mick Harcourt for giving us a brief on the Lancaster.

Afterwards we all returned to Jandakot with a planned departure time set for the first aircraft at 16:00 hrs with a total of nine aircraft participating (including two C152 formations). The route from Jandakot included Mundijong, North Dandalup, North Dandalup Dam, Serpentine Dam, Wungong Reservoir , and return home to Jandakot, a great day for all that attended.

For all the pilots and members that participated a big thank you and more importantly your remembrance for those crews that gave up their lives in these aircraft, allowing us the freedoms we have today.