Meet Our Team – Club Cashier

Her role within the Club is the Cashier, however, anyone who has met her would agree she goes above and beyond the basic definition of this role, with excellent customer service she has managed to foster personal relationships with members and the student’s in the short period she has been at the club. She mentioned that her years in the banking world as a training facilitator has enabled her to swiftly adapt to any situation and the shift from a corporative work environment to a “family” work environment has warmly accepted.

Merrilee has a beautiful family of four has been married to her Husband for twenty-six years and has two wonderful sons. The oldest who is 21 is studying commerce and sport’s science at university. The youngest is 18 has just been accepted into APAN to complete a certificate 4 in Musical Theatre. Merrill has a great passion for travelling that has taken her across the globe to countries including Singapore, America, Europe and Canada from this love of travelling she has fostered a new love and appreciation for the diversity of cultures and languages.

Since starting here she has been able to explore her love of languages through working with Anastasia in operations she has been able to start learning Russian and Lee Ting a student at WAAC has been teaching her the basics of Mandarin which will help her on her next holiday to Chian. She emphasised how the culture within the club has enabled her to deepen her knowledge and understanding of cultures. “Working here I deal with a lot of different people from different cultures and I enjoy talking with them and hearing about their cultures and their family histories, I find that remarkably interesting.”