Rottnest Landings in Club Aircraft

One of the joys of having a PPL in Perth is the ability to take guests to Rottnest Island. “Rotto” was a favourite destination as it was a really cost effective flight experience. Unfortunately, a spike in landing fees in 2013 acted as a deterrent to many pilots, who viewed the charge as excessive.

The Club has recently negotiated an annual fee for selected aircraft, and will absorb this cost – one of the perks of being a member. With effect from 1 August, the following aircraft will not attract a Rotto landing fee: EEP, EEN, EWC, ZDR, CAR, RWT or IXE.Please note that if you are using any other aircraft, you will be required to pay the standard landing fee.

Rottnest Island is renowned for its windy conditions. Landings can test a pilot’s crosswind landing techniques to the full. In addition, pilots situational awareness should be at a heightened level due to standard arrivals and departures, scenic flights and IF training flights all competing for airspace. If a pilot does not feel comfortable about landing at Rotto, it is advised that they book an instructor to practise a few circuits to get used to the conditions.