Our Recognised SponsorsOur Recognised Sponsors

Without the continued support of our valued sponsors- the Wings Presentation Dinner just couldn’t have been made possible.

We recognise their valued contribution and encourage your support of our preferred partners. 

Air BP is the specialized aviation division of BP and the largest suppliers of both aviation fuels AVGAS and Kerosene jet fuels and lubricants for both turbine and piston-engine aircraft.

The preferred fuel supplier of The Royal Aero Club- sterling cards are available for private pilots and the club can supply you with Air BP Carnet Cards prior to departure for all your refueling needs.

Find out more about how Air BP can assist your aviation needs

Marsh Advantage Insurance is a leading provider of insurance broking services for businesses across Australia.

The Marsh group has a solid reputation in helping some of the world’s largest airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance and repair organisations, ground service handlers, helicopter operators, airports and private craft owners. Steeped in the understanding that comprehensive insurance provides greater confidence and peace of mind in an area that faces complex risks.

Find out more about how Marsh Advantage Insurance can assist your aviation needs

QBE provides a range of aviation insurance products; a team that has proudly been involved with the aviation industry for 50 years.

As the largest aviation insurer in Australasia, QBE Insurance is ideally placed to provide aviation insurance solutions to its clients.

Underpinned by an experienced and dedicated team of pilots, engineers and aircraft owners with intimate knowledge of the industry, ensure clients receive a professional service from specialists who have a thorough understanding of local conditions

Find out more about how QBE can assist with your aviation needs

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