PPL night rolling course

The private pilot license offered by the Royal Aero Club and Western Australian Aviation College can be obtained in different ways.

You can either take a break out of your busy life, maybe put work on hold for a couple months, let that mortgage pay itself and the family go hungry just for a little while; and take part in the certificate IV in aviation offered by WAAC, give it 6 till 9 months and hey presto! Pilot!

Or if that doesn’t seem realistic enough for you…

How about self-study?
Just take the book home, digest it and walk into the exam room fully prepared and knowledgeable about every single intricate aspect of the exam- and pass with flying colours.

Still not realistic enough?

We also offer the private pilot license theory course in a part-time rolling course.

Forget full time study load or self-study you can hardly wrap your head around.
The part-time rolling course is 12 weeks long- runs twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and after hours (6:00pm till 9:00pm).

You’ll learn via a tutor, instead of having to self-study in your own time- with a class of peers to bounce thoughts around with.

No matter what kind of learner you are- we offer a solution for you.
You can enter the course at any time across the twelve weeks and take your exam whenever you feel fit.

Enquire on 9417 0000 for course dates and check the WAAC website for updates by Clicking here

April 29th begins the first session of PPL Air Law
May 13th begins the first session of PPL Meterology
May 29th begins the first session of PPL Navigation

Check back here for more updates.