August Achievers

Congratulations to this month’s achievers!
August has been an understandably quiet month for flights due to weather conditions we have come to expect this time of year. Having said that, when we get a good day pilots flock to embrace it!

Congratulations to all our achievers this month and all who managed to get a flight in as well.

New members

Steven Lee, Ryan Baker, Logan Pollock, Matthew Hansen, Lindsay Wilson, Haydn Vernon, Travis Ivens, Asfar Safri, Clint Lang, Nathan Larkin, Paul Gordon, Gabriel Balazs, Broxon Bookfield, Darren Jones, Zenek Zurakowski, Jason Myers

First Solo

Anthony Browne

Private Pilot Licence

Jonathon Efthyvoulos, Joshua Smith, Philip Manning

Commercial Pilot Licence

Maurice Herczeg, James Cole, Patrick Burke

Instructor Rating

Daniel Le Bron, Kovieva Fremy

Night VFR Rating

David Rokich, Kovieva Fremy

A warm welcome to our new members and congratulations everyone!