July Achievers

Congratulations to this month’s achievers!

New members

John De Jong, Damon Neaves, Ajintha Pathmanathan, Lori Hensley, William Rowe, Alexandra Clift, Brianca Stankewycz, Timothy Rossiter, Elyse Anderson, Colleen Osborne

First Solo

Jaxon Hall, Kate Wilson, James Thomson

General Flying Progress Test (GFPT)

Callum Young, William Hodge, Raphael Silva E Cunha, Patrick Meier, Jarrad Garrick, Adrian Lawrence, Michael Smith, Nicholas Barry, Simon Egli, Taylor Sibbritt-Pettit

Private Pilot Licence

Neil Stummer, Stuart McDonald, Michael Burbidge, Wesley Luies, Thorin Lyons, Peter Graham, Ashley Hawton, Fraser Sibbritt-Pettit, Chi Kit Timothy Cheng, Nagid Fadlalla

Commercial Pilot Licence

Joshua Spano, Benjamin Briers

Night VFR Rating

Laurence McMahon

Instructor Rating

Richard Green

A warm welcome to our new members and congratulations everyone!