Jandakot Airport

41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot, Western Australia9417 0000

Murrayfield Airport

Murray Field, Nambeelup, Western Australia9581 6222

Mooney M20J

Available at Jandakot Airport, Perth. Four in fleet.

The Mooney M20 is a family of piston-powered, propeller-driven general aviation aircraft, all featuring a low-wing and tricycle gear, manufactured by the Mooney Airplane Company.

The “M20” was the twentieth design from Al Mooney, and his most successful. The M20 series was produced in many variations over the last 50 years, from the wooden wing M20 and M20A models of the 1950s, to the M20TN Acclaim that debuted in the 21st century.

Mooney M20J

Mooney hired Roy LoPresti to undertake an aerodynamic cleanup of the M20F, resulting in the 1977 model year debut of the M20J. The M20J was marketed under the name Mooney 201 because of its 201 mph (323 km/h) top speed in level flight. The M20J first flew in September, 1976 and was type certified on 27 September 1976. It is equipped with the 200 hp (150 kW) IO-360-A1B6D engine.

The Mooney is the aircraft most closely associated with Robin Miller, an Australian female pilot known as the “Sugar Bird Lady” for her work in distributing the polio vaccine across Australia. A Mooney M20 is preserved at the entrance to Jandakot Airport as a memorial to Robin’s fantastic work.

Our Mooneys’ are available to The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia members and the general public for private hire, training, scenic or charter. Bookings can be made via our friendly Operations Team on 08 9417 0000.

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