Jandakot Airport

41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot, Western Australia9417 0000

Murrayfield Airport

Murray Field, Nambeelup, Western Australia9581 6222

Murrayfield Airport at Mandurah

Murrayfield, located on Lakes Road, Mandurah, is a registered airfield owned and operated by the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia. Prior permission is required before use. Penalties apply for failing to seek permission. Please telephone 08 9581 6222 or 9417 0000 if you would like to land at Murrayfield. Please also review the ERSA prior to your arrival.

The Royal Aero Club of Western Australia is committed to a fly neighborly culture at Murrayfield Airport to minimise the noise footprint of aircraft to our neighbours.

The following noise abatement procedures have been in force since the commissioning of Murrayfield Airport:

  1. Take-off on runway 27 is not allowed unless circumstances prevent a safe take-off from alternative runways.  Should runway 27 be the only option, aircraft are to move to the South as soon as it is safe to do so, and track upwind along Lakes Road.
  2. Night circuits cannot be conducted after 10pm.
  3. Circuits are restricted to aircraft with engine capacities of 200 horsepower or less. Aircraft exceeding this restriction may use Murrayfield Airport for arrivals and departures only.
  4. Right hand circuits are conducted on runway 05 and runway 09 to minimise aircraft overflying houses.

Helicopters create significantly more noise than a fixed wing aircraft; helicopter operations are restricted to the following:

  1. No night operations permitted.
  2. Day circuits can only be performed on the first half of runway 23, with the helicopter departing or arriving along the Eastern section of the proposed new runway.
  3. All arrivals and departures for charter or air work operations are to be from the South or East.
  4. Fixed wing aircraft operations will take preference over helicopter operations.

The above procedures may be disregarded in a genuine emergency.

Emergencies services and the Police Air Wing no not need to adhere to the Fly Neighbourly Procedures should circumstances require it.

A written report detailing the reasons for adopting this action should be sent to:

The Murrayfield Airport Manager,
Royal Aero Club of WA
41 Eagle Drive
Jandakot WA 6164

or: Murrayfield@royalaeroclubwa.com.au

Landing Fees

Royal Aero Club of Western Australia operated aircraft are not subject to landing fees at Murrayfield. For all other aircraft, the charges will be managed by Avdata, with accounts being forwarded to your address.

Member Landing Discount Scheme

The Royal Aero Club of WA offers a discounted fee on landings for current Members with their own aircraft. To receive the reduced rate at Murrayfield, members must contact our Accounts team on 9417 0000, or at accounts@royalaeroclubwa.com.au for approval.

Operations at a Non-controlled Aerodrome

Murrayfield is a non-controlled aerodrome, meaning procedures differ to those at Class D aerodromes, such as Jandakot Airport. The Old Fliers Group filmed a video (below) of OIC Michael Chlopek giving a brief to assist pilots in ensuring safety within the CTAF environment.

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