Aircraft “High Touch” Cleaning Protocol

As part of RACWA’s Covid-19 management plan, we are introducing an aircraft “high contact” surface cleaning process, that pilots will undertake as part of their pre-flight inspection. The purpose of this is to where practical, minimise the potential transmission of bacteria/germs that may lead to unwanted health outcomes such as Cold, Flu, Covid-19 etc.

The attached “How To” sheet describes how to clean “high contact” surfaces of the aircraft, that are potential transmission points in the human contact chain. Club Manager David O’Brien reinforced, “While these steps seem simplistic in the face of Covid-19 outbreaks in our community, they are nonetheless steps we can all take to minimise the spread of the virus.”

David continued, “Over the coming days, Operations staff will begin distribution of cleaning wipe packs that are to be used for the cleaning purposes described in the attached “Aircraft Cleaning Protocol” sheet.”

“Each aircraft book will have a number of environmentally friendly disposal bags where the used wipes are to be placed, sealed and then disposed of at the bin located near the tarmac fence where the fire extinguisher and external staircase are located. These practices are to be observed by instructing staff, students and all pilot members.”

“While we all understand we can’t stop or keep Covid-19 at bay indefinitely, we can promote and follow basic hygiene practices that offer us a healthier environment for us all to work in.”

If you have any questions please contact the Operations team at the Royal Aero Club of WA on 08 9417 0000.