Cessna 206

Cessna 206 now online

For some time, students have been requesting the Club to have a Cessna 200 series on line, so that they can obtain an endorsement before they head up North to seek employment. I am very pleased to report that C206 SHZ is now on line.” says a proud David Currey, RACWA CEO.

“The 206 is available for check flights and private hire and after having spent a few hours in this particular aircraft I can say it is a joy to fly.”
reports Jarod Rowe, Grade 1 Flight Instructor. “Sturdy in the air, very straight and easy to trim up, what more could you ask for? 6 seats and some baggage and you still have enough endurance to go further than the bowser, that makes this a tempting prospect for those without a multi endorsement and those in need of that crucial 2 series time before enbarking on a job hunt up north. As this is a cross hire the owners do have some stipulations for what must be covered in the check flight and please see the terms & conditions for private hire from operations. Hope to fly with you soon to check you off on it.”