Meet our Team – Integrated Training Officer

Mark Heller is the Integrated Training Officer for the Aviation College, this involves the coordination of theory and flying components of WAAC students attending integrated courses and also managing the flying aspect of Polytechnic West syllabus.

His role is to ensure students are on track and hitting targets regarding the syllabus and course structure. He is the first point of call for all WAAC students and enjoys working with them to resolve problems that may arise during their studies and training. Part of his job involves part-time lecturing on the theory components in the course.

“Seeing the penny drop moments would be the best aspect of my job.  When a student finally understands the content they have been struggling with it is the best source of personal motivation.” Mark Heller

Mark has been involved with the college for 11 years, in 2005 he completed an Advanced Diploma, and 2006 studied his European Theory ATPLS. After his training, he worked for Air Berlin flying across Europe in a Dash 8 before returning to the college as a casual lecture. In December 2015 Mark was promoted to his current position.

Before embarking on his aviation career, Mark attained a Bachelor of Business in Information Technology from Curtin University and worked for many years in roles including systems analysis and project manager. Mark recalls growing up he always knew he wanted to learn how to fly, “we often would go to the airport to pick up relatives, in those days with the lack of security you could almost touch the aircraft as the passengers departed, it was always a great experience.”

Outside of work Mark enjoys travelling across Europe and parts of Asia. He also enjoys a night out at the cinema and recommends a must watch in 2017. Hidden Figures is a story about three African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in the early years of the US space program.

It is clear that Marks history at the college teamed with his passion for aviation has enabled him to foster strong relationships with students. With his open door policy students are always welcome to stop in for a chat.  Mark identifies what it takes to succeed, “I interact with a lot of students. I see the students that get through and excel. They are the ones that are focused and dedicated. They arrive on time, complete their studies, don’t make up excuses and are always willing to admit they need help when struggling with a component of study. Essentially they just get the job done.”