Trial of Murrayfield as an Alternate Landing Zone for Parachuting Operations

Users of Murrayfield may notice some additional activity at the aerodrome over the coming months after RACWA has agreed with Skydive the Beach for a trial to use Murrayfield as an alternate landing site for when they are unable to land at their preferred location on Rockingham Beach.

A risk assessment has been performed and conditions agreed to allow operations by professional skydivers to be safely performed alongside regular aircraft operations at Murrayfield.

Key points to note regarding the trial:

  • RACWA aircraft operations maintain priority over skydiving operations.  Parachute operations may occur while there are aircraft operating in the CTAF or in the circuit, but Skydive the Beach will not perform parachute operations until they are satisfied that they can be completed safely.
  • Listen Out!  The Skydive the Beach aircraft will be broadcasting intentions to drop parachutes 5 minutes and 2 minutes before any operations on both Perth Centre (135.25) and the Murrayfield CTAF (119.1). If you are in the vicinity you should be already listening out and should broadcast your position and intentions if unsure – Communicate.
  • Landing Zone to the west of runway 05/23.  The landing zone is on the “dead” side of the runway and away from circuit operations.  No parachutes will be on the live side of the runway below 1000’

Murrayfield will only be used when conditions prevent the skydivers using their preferred landing zone at Rockingham Beach and not on planned busy days at the aerodrome such as club competition days.

Look out, listen out and always have an alternative plan.