Muzz Buzz OPEN this Friday Night

Members are encouraged to support Muzz Buzz being Open this Friday night!

We have Jenny Schimidt Deputy Chief Pilot from the Department of Parks and Wildlife for an un-missable Industry Presentation
And while we normally all reconvene upstairs for drinks, this Friday is special, because Muzz Buzz will be open for business, servicing all your sustenance needs.

Friday nights at the club, while they generate a great sense of comradarie over drinks, we all know, may sometimes require eating more substantially to soak up any excess inebriation.

Unfortuantely we expect that from a business perspective, the ratio of income generated to overheads is simply not justified.
However, there is opportunity;

This is why Muzz Buzz is willing to trial the Friday and see if it’s something the business is keen to make a more permanent Friday night fixture.

So in the long run you can drink more, stay longer and enjoy this amazing opportunity for club comradarie!

We’ll see you there.