ASICs- What’s Your Opinion?

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is seeking your feedback on how the Government might reform, enhance or amend the scope of the ASIC scheme to improve security outcomes while reducing unnecessary and costly burdens for the industry.

This is an ideal opportunity for our members to voice their opinions on the current climate of Aviation Security identification cards and improve the impact of existing ASIC and associated regulations.

You can access a copy of the Department of Infrastructures’ ASIC options discussions paper by clicking here.

The deadline for submissions is 2 February 2015.

As a major stakeholder in the general aviation sector, the Club intends on submitting a response to the Department in late January. The submission will comment on the factors such as the cost of renewals, the limited validity of the ASIC, the impractical requirement of pilots requiring an ASIC at certain airports but not at other airports etc.

Submitting your feedback is easy-

Simply review the attached paper and email