Rottnest Radio Procedure

It has come to our attention at RACWA that members are being charged additional fees at Rottnest for not actually landing. This seems to be happening when the aircraft enters the circuit area but does not specify their intentions.

Even though this might sound like common radio procedure, we’ve thrown together some helpful tips for our members that will ensure you don’t incur any unwanted, additional costs.

  1. Try to avoid referencing the runway and circuit unless you intend to join it. Using these as reference points implies you might be landing.
  2. It is important to be specific when you broadcast on the CTAF eg. “we are approaching from south east and will be performing a right hand orbit of the island;” just in case. Remember the CTAF is not ATC and without providing strict commands when the system is reviewed they’ll just assume you’ve landed.
  3. If you’re not doing a landing. Simply do not enter the circuit.