Jandakot Strip Party

The inhabitants of Jandakot strip share a common passion and similar life goals.

With the conflicting flight school and busy work ethics it’s a shame we never get a chance to actually meet each other.

Well, this is your chance!
RACWA is hosting a party for the Strip on Friday the 31st of January at 17:30hrs
At what better location than the Clubhouse roof- providing a perspective of Jandakot that needs to be shared!

$20 entry means a sausage sizzle, some great music, likeminded people, drinks all inclusive and an atmosphere unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

This is the 2014 Jandakot Strip Party.
An opportunity for Jandakot Strip that can not be missed!

Pre-sale has begun at the Club Cashier- get your tickets early so you don’t miss out!