Murrayfield Airport on Lakes Road, Mandurah, is a registered airfield owned and operated by the Royal Aero Club of WA and you’ll need permission before you can land there.

If you would like to land at Murrayfield, please call (08) 9581 6222 or (08) 9417 0000. Please also review the En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA) prior to arrival.

Please also note that the Club is committed to a “fly neighbourly” culture at Murrayfield Airport, to minimise the level of aircraft noise for our neighbours. We have some noise abatement procedures in place, so please ask about those when requesting permission to land.

Murrayfield Airport

Landing fees

Club-operated aircraft are not subject to landing fees at Murrayfield. For all other aircraft, the charges will be managed by Avdata, with accounts being forwarded to your address.

Member discount landing scheme

The Club offers a discounted landing fee for current members operating their own aircraft. To receive the reduced rate at Murrayfield, please contact our operations team on (08) 9417 0000, or email for approval.

Operations at a non-controlled aerodrome

Murrayfield is a non-controlled aerodrome, meaning procedures differ to those at Class D aerodromes, such as Jandakot Airport. Our Old Fliers Group has produced a video to help pilots ensure they’re safe and compliant with the Common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) environment.