Opened in 1963, Jandakot Airport is the major general aviation airport in Western Australia and is one of the busiest airfields and largest aviation training bases in Australia.

Jandakot Airport is owned by Jandakot Airport Holdings Pty Ltd and prior to an aircraft accessing or using the airport, the aircraft owner/operator must complete and provide a Notification of Aircraft Details form to the company.

You can get a copy of the Notification of Aircraft Details Form here.

Landing fees

All aircraft operators must pay charges for the facilities and services at the airport. The charges are managed by Avdata, with accounts being forwarded to your address. There is more information about Jandakot’s fees and charges here.

Cessna 152

Operations at a controlled aerodrome

Jandakot is a Controlled Aerodrome so a Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement is required to land. If you don’t have the endorsement already, the Royal Aero Club can help you get one.