Jandakot Airport

41 Eagle Drive, Jandakot, Western Australia9417 0000

Murrayfield Airport

Murray Field, Nambeelup, Western Australia9581 6222

Extension to Runway 30 & Taxiway Changes

As part of the changes there is a new taxiway to the runway extension. In addition some of the existing taxiways, including those
to runway 06L/24R have been renamed to be ICAO compliant.
Some points to note:
• Departures off 06L – the taxi instructions will be to taxi to holding point “Bravo 1” which is the renamed old Sierra.
• Departures off 24R – taxi instructions will be to taxi to holding point “Bravo 5” which is the renamed old Delta.
• Taxiways “Charlie”, “Echo”, “Foxtrot” and “Golf” remain but now refer to only the sections between the parallel runways 06L/24R
and 24L/06R.
• Departure off runway 12 – unchanged.
• Arrivals on runway 12 – after landing vacate to the first available taxiway to the left on to “Sierra1” (a new taxiway between the parallel runways), “Sierra2”, Sierra3” or “Sierra4”. The previous exit on to 06R has been closed so do NOT try to exit onto the runway and instead proceed to “Sierra2”. As usual you need permission to cross the parallel runways to return to the apron. If you can’t stop before “Sierra4” (that’s the end of the “old” runway, so shame on you if you need more runway than that) proceed to the end of the runway and exit to the right on “Kilo4” & expect taxi instructions will include a crossing of runway 12 at either “Kilo3” or Kilo2” to get back onto “Sierra” to return via Sierra as per previous.
• Departure off runway 30 – expect to taxi via the new taxiway “Kilo”. Note that this will require crossing runway 12 and the under
shoots of both 06L and 06R and permission is required to cross each of these runways. Observe the hold markings until you receive permission to cross.
• Arrival on Runway 30 – Vacate to the right at the earliest opportunity on to “Sierra4”, “Sierra3” or “Sierra2”, stop and request taxi
instructions, remembering as usual permission is required to cross both 06R and 06R. There is likely to be departing traffic taxiing
on “Kilo” so do not exit the runway to then left. It is a long runway so you should be able to exit prior to 06R but as above the exit to that runway is now closed so unlike prevously exiting on to 06R is no longer available.

Note the above are brief highlights of the major differences for day VFR operations (night ops will be slightly different due to lighting changes). Any of the instructors will be able to help with queries on the revised requirements. In addition AirServices Australia will update the ERSA details of the new layout and operational requirements.

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