Junior Hawks

Junior Hawks was established as the corporate social responsibility side of the Royal Aero Club Western Australia (RACWA); intended to foster the involvement of a broader community by encouraging both an educational and rewarding aviation experience. Junior Hawks evolved into a community initiative, to give children an opportunity to be involved in the world of aviation.

The program is designed for young people between the ages of 11 and 17 with an interest in aviation and garners the understanding that an individual’s potential is unlimited. The Junior Hawks program accommodates what could be understood as an unachievable desire for aviation and facilitates flight absent of the normally perceived risks and restrictions.


Participation is available for anyone aged between 11 and 17 years of age. It is required that informed parental consent is given prior to the flight and parents understand the procedure involved.
The children involved, ideally, are likely to belong to girl guides, air cadets, referred by Constable Care initiatives or other air training or student organisations; having said that as long as age requirements are met, application is available.


The cost of Junior Hawks is subsided by RACWA members and volunteers- normally from their own pockets. This means the cost currently to the Junior Hawk is nil. The program is based on giving children who would otherwise miss out on the experience of flight while they're young, a chance to discover what flight is like- and that should be available to all despite their personal capabilities or background.


A consenting parent or guardian must be present on the Rally day and must have completed a Junior Hawks registration form. The registration process must be completed prior to the day of the flight. . The registration process is simple- a downloadable registration form is available on the side panel- just print and return to the address provided (by email or fax).

The pilots involved are qualified and adhere to strict Civil Aviation Safety guidelines including a minimum of 150 hours flight time and are licensed for Junior Hawks approved aircraft. They are also required to carry a working with children clearance and are insured to carry children.

Will it be safe?

Millions of people fly safety in aeroplanes every year. However an airport is not a playground. Listen and follow instructions given by ground personnel and the pilot and follow these simple rules when you are around an aeroplane.
- Stay away from the propellers;
- Listen carefully to the instructors
- Don’t touch any part of the aeroplane;
- Stay with your pilot or ground crew at all times.

How safe is flying?

Flying in an aeroplane is safer than many other forms of recreation. Each Junior Hawks Flight takes place in a registered aeroplane flown by a licensed pilot. The flight is conducted according to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations. No aerobatic or non-standard manoeuvres will be performed.

What will the flight be like?

Prior to the flight is the ‘flight briefing’ where the experience is explained by the pilot or ground crew in detail; including what you will do and see. From the parts of the aeroplane and identification of what they do and how they control the aircraft, to carrying out a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and aiding the young person in buckling their seatbelt and describing the interior of the aeroplane, including the instrument panel.

How do I/ my child get involved?

Registration is via the downloadable pdf on our webpage. This pdf needs to be completed and returned to either the teacher/ program facilitator who gave it to you or alternatively emailed or faxed to the address provided. We’ll contact you back to discuss upcoming Rally days- and do our very best to inform you about conditions pending the day- Please be aware we are run by a group of members on a volunteer basis and must be accommodating of their time; we also run into complications with program attendance and disruption in the weather conditions that could mean cancellation of flights.